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are cafeterias a real thing like do those actually exist in america you just line up and get given gross food and then eat in the same room as your entire school??? if that happened at my school there’d be a riot imagine how loud that would be are cafeterias a myth

…do you…do you
not have cafeterias elsewhere?

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I wonder if your friends high-fived you when you told them about us.
I wonder if you smiled when they patted you on the back, congratulating you for finally leaving.
I wonder if you think of me at all.
I wonder if you try to text me, only to greeted by an error message.
I wonder if you think of the conversations we had at 2am when neither of us could sleep.
I wonder if she’s prettier than me.
I wonder if she’s funnier, brighter, less dead inside.
I wonder if you told her about me.
I wonder if you refer to me as your “crazy ex-girlfriend.”
I wonder if you refer to me as the one that got away.
I wonder if you’re wondering.
God knows I am.
(I Don’t Want To Know) // heartofthebitter-mindofapoet (via heartofthebitter-mindofapoet)

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you bleed for the people you love, as if you think your veins are connected and they will know the pain you suffer for them
prompted by something my therapist said  (via ghostexplorer)

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I believe in the wait.
The immeasurable amount of time
between now
and our first ‘hello’.

I believe with each breath,
I am becoming a better me
to match
a better you.

I believe you are there,
waiting for me.
And I,
I am quite ready
to be looking for you.

Megan E McCormick (via meganemccormick)

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I can’t sleep and I have tried
everything from warm milk
to sleeping pills

I used to not be able to have someone beside me at night
you changed that
you changed a lot of things
that I never asked you to

(I wonder if I changed you)

I fill up the empty space
In my bed
with yesterday’s clothes
and nowhere plans
and books full of people
that won’t leave

and I wonder (did I change you)
I don’t care if it would be
for the better or for the worse

But are you out there
on your own
with sleeping pills and piles
and piles of clothes
and books full of people
that cannot leave

Or am I the only one
who left this relationship
different then when I entered it

From “about you and I” by Michelle Ilona (via michelle-ilona)

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I’ll be okay


You don’t love me or want me,
You never did.
I’ll be okay.

I’ve never loved my self more
The way I laugh is funny
And my heart is clean
I love my curves
My long hair flows in the wind like Pocahontas
My nose is chubby like a button sewed to my face
My glasses are crooked sometimes and I wonder why things appear as they do
All these things are unique to me and no matter who you’re with, no matter who you love, she’ll never be me.

That’s enough for me.
Because I love me.

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loving you was as natural as breathing,
and perhaps that is why i took a train
as fast as i could,
and as far away as my heart could take,
just to be somewhere where your memory
couldn’t follow.

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Anyone down for amateur poetry vomit?


*Disclaimer: I wrote these in high school. Lots of mistakes, but I am not editing any of these poems.

A Girls’ Anthem of Jealousy

Sometimes I get jealous

Sometimes I don’t care

Sometimes I wonder

Why you like her with her long brown hair

Her tiny little waist

Tight little hour glass shape